December 08, 2006

I'm not moving because of indeciveness. It's to reduce stress levels from Blogger glitches that are driving me nuts. (If you're curious the reasons are listed below.) Apologies for being a pain in the neck to you all and moving back to my typepad address (, but it was that or leave blogging altoether.
**Please don't stress yourselves by changing your blogroll links. Just visit me. I blog for the outlet of creative expression of writing, poetry, and humor greatly enjoying the comraderie from my blog friends.** I don't give a hoot about the blogroll. At typepad, I will still remain "GEL" and the name of the blog there is "Emerald Eyes."
Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! I'm having a grand time visiting blogs and discovering new ones. I had been out of the blogosphere so long, it's a treat to be back. Peace to all of you.
______If you're curious about Blogspot problems, read below_____
I left Blogger several months ago. Since then, more Blogger constipation is occuring.
For over a week and through countless hours I tried to remain "home" here at Blogspot, but after
1) Blogger repeatedly eating my photographs
2) Being booted into cyberspace during commenting on other's blogs
3) My business speed fast DSL is timing out while Blogger is consistently constipated, so I can't view and visit sites.
4) Sadly, I discovered the other day, that everyone will be moved to the Beta version of Blogger eventually. For me, as an artist, that restricts my design freedom, plus I don't like my privacy being tied to Blogger knowledge of my Google account.
_I could name a bunch of reasons, but this list is boring enough.